Carolina Ankert

Client Service Associate
(630) 812-9436

Carolina Ankert is a distinguished professional renowned for her expertise in finance, technology, and multilingual capabilities. With fluency in Spanish, English, German, and Italian, she effortlessly transcends linguistic and cultural barriers. 

In 2023, Carolina graduated with a degree in business economics from the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, solidifying her knowledge in economic theory and strategic management. Her academic accomplishments are complemented by prestigious certifications, including the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and a certificate in software programming, showcasing her versatility in financial analysis and technological innovation.  

Transitioning from her lifelong home in Argentina, Carolina embarked on a new journey in the United States, where she married Chuck, her partner of three years whom she maintained a long-distance relationship with. Chuck, a Marine Corps Veteran, is currently pursuing studies to become a respiratory therapist and shares Carolina's values of dedication and resilience. 

In their shared pursuits, Carolina and Chuck find joy in activities such as frequenting the gym and experimenting with culinary creations in the kitchen. Their mutual appreciation for mate, a traditional Argentine drink, further deepens their bond.

Carolina provides administrative support services only and is not licensed or authorized to effectuate trades or provide advice.