• Business Exit Planning

    Strategies to help maximize business value for a future liquidation event such as third party sale, partner buy-out, or M&A transaction.

  • Business Succession

    Business continuity strategies involving the transition from one owner to the next through inheritance, transfer, incapacity, or compulsion.

  • Cash Flow Management

    Expense tracking for income, savings, & investment purposes. Household Budget creation and maintenance.

  • Charitable Planning

    Gifting strategies to reduce the potential impact of gift or income taxation. Lifetime gifting to charitable organizations or individuals.

  • Complex Scenarios

    Mineral rights, illiquid assets, Passive income sources, & Real Estate investments.

  • Debt Analysis

    Analysis of debt/loans and strategies to most efficiently manage.

  • Distribution Strategies

    Sequence of returns and liquidation of taxable, nontaxable, & qualified accounts to minimize tax impact and maximize account value.

  • Executive Compensation

    Employee incentive stock option or bonus plans. Non-qualified deferred compensation, Key person insurance & other benefits.

  • Financial Position Statement

    Net worth, Wealth tracker, beneficiary summary, and other relevant statements based on individual or household financial condition.

  • Insurance Planning

    Strategies to address premature death, Longevity, & loss income due to disability or personal health issues.

  • Investment Planning

    Oversight of investment assets managed directly or through affiliated professional money managers.

  • Retirement Planning

    Funding & liquidation strategies to maintain the quality of life for an individual or family into and through retirement.

  • Small Business Cashflow

    Business expense tracking for income, savings, investment, & tax reduction purposes. Life Loyal Advisors does not provide tax advice, bookkeeping, or accounting services at this time.

  • Small Business Planning

    Owner & employee retirement and insurance funding strategies to potentially maximize business value, as well as maintain the quality of life for a business owner into and through retirement.

  • Special Needs (Dependent & Elder Care)

    Benefits protection strategies for families with special-needs children. Personal independence & financial security strategies for seniors & elderly dependents.