Determining your needs



1. Discovery

  • Assess your current financial situation
  • Identify your priorities and concerns
  • Present the process

2. Profile

  • Gather information and establish priorities
  • Analyze your data

3. Strategy

  • Present the results
    of your analysis
  • Discuss priorities
    and future steps

4. Action

  • Review your specific
    potential strategies
  • Help you select suitable
    products and
  • Develop an
    schedule for
    products and

5. Review

  • Review your
  • Analyze your review
  • Assess necessary
    changes or


Our five-step process helps clients better understand their financial well-being. It starts with the Discovery phase where we jointly determine if strategic planning can improve your financial fitness. During the Profile phase, we obtain a clear picture of your financial goals and current situation. In the Strategy phase, we share an analysis of what is needed to reach each goal. If there are gaps, we review potential strategies and a plan that’s suitable for your needs in the Action step. The last step is the Review — an important step, as factors affecting plans often can change.